Monday, January 5, 2009


Lillian and went to Mass MoCA on Saturday. It was the brightest moment of my vacation (from the reality of my day job).

I am impressed at the quality of the work exhibited here. This was my second visit. When we were home in Silver Spring, we took a trip to the Hirshhorn. Nowhere near as good. Same goes for the ICA, which is average at best. I need to go to more contemporary art galleries and museums. Based on the one time that I visited, the DeCordova is close to Mass MoCA in terms of quality.

In fact this trip, particularly the Sol LeWitt exhibit, was downright inspiring.
Here's one of my favorites.

We also ended up hanging out with Norman Rockwell's eldest one Jarvis! He is exhibiting in downtown North Adams. Check this out:

I'd like to spend more time in North Adams. I still can't say that I am even close to figuring this region out at this time.

Lately I've been thinking a lot about religion. I've been a philosophical Taoist for years now, but I find myself lately in a spiritual no man's land. It's possible that the answer to this is to study Taoism closer. Atheism is out of the question because I don't believe in it at all. Another possibility is to get a religion. However, there is no one religion that appeals to me entirely. I thought about making up my own religion, just for myself to practice. Which I know is probably offensive in some way to both my atheist and religious friends.

To me, every possible response is fickle in some way. Probably the best thing to do is ask myself first, what do I really believe. Then, ask myself, what is it that I am being called to do. Finally, figure out a way to mediate all of those questions and answers with everything else that is going on in the world.

Where am I now, where do I want to be, and how do I get there. Ah.

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