Thursday, December 4, 2008

Letter to Xavier

I'm participating in a pen pal program through work. I wrote a letter to a 4th grader today. Here's what I wrote:

Hello Xavier,
It is a pleasure to write to you. My name is Forbes Graham and I work at the Harvard Business School as a Faculty Assistant. I am originally from Silver Spring, MD which is a suburb of Washington, DC. I have lived in New England since 2003.
As a child, my favorite subject was math. How about you? I also enjoyed reading about the solar system. I was sometimes teased for being a nerd. But I didn’t let it get to me that much.
Do you have any favorite books or stories? I love science fiction and tales about robots. Robots are an interesting topic to me. Do you think there will be ever be cool robots walking around? I think I’d rather just read about robots than actually live in a world with cool robots that can walk around.
I also play the trumpet and have been doing so for about 22 years. I love music of all types. Are you interested in any forms of art? I think that the arts are a great way to express yourself. Drawing, painting, sculpture, music, they are all fantastic.
Do you have any pets? I have a cat named Mickey. He is an American shorthair. He is very shy and runs away from me a lot, which makes me sad sometimes. My fiancé Lillian takes care of him. She loves pets. Do you keep any animals at your school?
When I was your age, I wanted to ride a motorcycle and own a bookstore on Mars. What are your dreams for the future? Whatever they are, think big and think positive. Anything can happen.
I hope that you will write me back soon. Take care, Xavier. It was nice writing to you.

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