Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Going back to school

I am going back to school, starting in January. I will be entering a part time program in Web Development, taught at the Center for Digital Imaging Arts at Boston University. My main purpose is to improve my economic prospects, because I'd like to earn more money in the hopes of saving more money. I intend to save the money for this purpose:

Early retirement.
(not to mention supporting a family - now Lillian won't get too mad at me ;0 )

I also am interested in self-employment. And with that in mind, if you need a webpage, let me know. I need to build my portfolio, so we can do deals. I am learning more by the day. Check out www.polyrhythmatics.net for my latest work. I'll be redoing www.blaqlghtn.com eventually too.

If you live in the Boston area, I'm looking for someone to help me out with The Music Workshop. All you would need to do is program and promote one concert a month. You need to promote the concert as well as program it. I will maintain the internet stuff, but any flyering and mailing list stuff is on you. I need a bit of a break to deal with school and have some space to deal with planning a wedding, etc. I may not always make it to your event, but I will certainly try at least some of the time. If you live in Hyde Park, Roslindale, JP, or on the South Shore this is perfect for you, because it's close by.

Played some great gigs last week. I'll bug Lily to get me some pictures so that I can post them.

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