Friday, September 26, 2008

My thoughts on the economy

Here are my brief thoughts on the situation:
1) There is a lot of money out there that does little or nothing productive that is of actual value.
2) But remember, that money is not everything, unless you are down to your last 2 dollars and you have to walk into town because you can't afford to drive and you are living off ramen. In that case, money might be the only thing. I remember buying ramen and a couple pieces of kale in some of my worst moments. Luckily I had a family.
3) As artists, what we do doesn't put food in anyone's mouth, or keep anyone warm. But it has a value, and the only way it will have a value is if you put something into it. STOP making shitty music that doesn't mean anything! Create something that is beautiful, thought provoking, brutal, harsh, intense, loving.
4) Life is about more than possessions, so treat yourself and the people around you like you are worth more than whatever "things" you can get. Live your life with a value system that affirms what you believe in! And if you don't believe in anything, at least try to have some fun.
5) Do whatever you can to get out of debt, and stop living beyond your means, unless you have to just to eat.

Everyone has their own view, based on their own life, of what they think our society should be. I believe that everyone reading this should take some step towards making that society possible. It's time to stop being bought off by fucking Ipods, videogames, eating out, and whatever else we use to get through life. Stop living the unexamined life right now.

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